Maira was born in Cuba, and came to the United States when she was 8 years old, after her family waited for a Visa for 7 years. Maira immediately became a Legal Permanent Resident and then later became a United States citizen.

Maira attended El Camino College, and then later went to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles Campus) where she gained her Certificate in Tort Litigation. Maira began as a paralegal in 1981, and has worked as a paralegal since that time.

Maira worked with Judge William Torres as a legal clerk for ten years. During her work with Judge Torres Maira excelled in researching legal cases, reviewing pleadings filed with the Court and communicating with various members of the Court system.

Maira then continued in the legal field as a paralegal by helping draft legal pleadings and reviewing and researching legal questions. Maira had constant client contact, where she developed the skill of explaining the legal documents that had been filed in a case, and explaining the procedure of a pending legal matter.

Maira is able to calculate what child support payments may be by using the DissoMaster© program. Because of the experience Maira has gained through her more than 25 years in the legal field, Maira has become sensitive to our client’s needs and is able to explain difficult legal matters that have been dictated through the court or through attorney negotiations.

Maira is knowledgeable in Domestic Relation matters as well as Personal Injury cases and Immigration matters.